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Gisela Ponce de León

Full name           Gisela Ponce de León
Birth date           April 12, 1986
Birth place          Peru
Occupation         Actress, Dancer and Singer

Personal Life and Career
Gisela Ponce de León, is a Peruvian actress.  Gisela began working professionally as a child actor on the musical "Annie" and in other productions. She appeared in several more musicals before being selected for the lead role in the hit TV show "Esta Sociedad".

Claudia Portocarrero

Popular name         Claudia Portocarrero
Birth date                August 1, 1987
Birth place               Peru
Occupation             Model

Personal Life and Career
She is the third of four children. She was raised in Iquitos where she became interested in dancing and singing. She was discovered by Nilver Huarac, and has performed with Alma Bella, Lisette, and her current partner Dilbert Aguilar.

Her fame began to grow on the show "Ritmo de los Sábados" (Saturday Rhythm). Later she appeared on "Sábado Bravazo", "Tijereteando", "La combi", and "La Escuelita" (The Little School) where she played alongside well-known actors like Adolfo Chuiman, Pablo Villanueva "Melcochita", and Ramón García.

She has appeared on "Magaly TV(ATV)", ] a popular televised tabloid program, has posed for Trome as one of the "Malcriadas", and appeared alongside Angie Jibaja and Micaela Page in a calendar entitled Goddesses 2007.

She was drafted to be a co-host with Beto Ortiz  for the Panamericana (Channel 5) show "What a Country! (¡Qué Pais!), which debuted on 4 June 2007. The short-lived show was shown every Monday night from 8-10, which put it in direct opposition to the ATV show "Magaly TV(ATV)".

Gianella Neyra

Popular name           Gianella Neyra
Birth name                Gianella Neyra Magagna
Birth date                  August 3, 1977
Birth place                 Lima, Peru
Occupation               Actress and Model

Neyra began acting at the age of seven and while a girl she attended the Lee Strasberg studio in New York City.
In Peru she pursued a successful modeling career.

In 2002, she was hired by Peru's Iguana Productions to star in the popular soap opera "Bésame Tonto" ("Kiss me, Fool") where she played the daughter of a mafia boss.

In 2004, Neyra went to Argentina to perform in "Luna salvaje" ("Savage Moon"), starring with Juan Darthés and Catalina Artusi. Neyra continued to star in other Argentinian productions including "Culpable de Este Amor" and "Quien es el Jefe?".

Alexis Amore

Alexis Amore

Alias(es)                        Alexis Amour, Alexis Lamore
Birth date                       December 29, 1978
Birth place                     Lima, Peru
Height                           1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)
Weight                          51 kg (110 lb)
Measurements              36DD-22-34
Eye color                      Brown
Hair color                     Black
Ethnicity                       Latina

Personal Life and Career
Alexis Amore is a Peruvian  pornographic actress, exotic dancer and model.
In January 2003, she re-entered the industry after a short break, and signed exclusively with Jill Kelly Productions (JKP) and began in February 2003. She eventually left the company and, in June 2004 she signed an acting and directing deal with Anabolic Video under which she would direct eight to 10 movies and star in six films a year. This made her Anabolics' first 'contract girl'.

Since early 2006, Amore has infrequently written for AVN Insider, is a contract girl for Metro/Video Team, and has a sex-toys contract with California Exotic Novelties.

Marisela Puicón

Full name                      Marisela Puicón
Birth date                      May 1, 1984
Birth place                    Lima, Peru
Occupation                   Model, Actress and Singer

Personal Life and Career
Marisela Puicón is a Peruvian actress, singer and model who entered the industry in 1996 in commercials and later moved into television and theater. She found work with her band "Marisela Puicón y Los Latinos". Marisela began her career in 1996 in the world of modeling, and by the end of 1996 her photos had been included in a dozen publications. Her acting career began by playing a series of characters on Peruvian Telenovelas, miniseries and movies, including Pantaleon y Las Visitoras and Dias de Santiago. In 1999 she began a new singing project, recording two albums Cumbia Mia and Fuciones Musicales. Marisela for most of her career has demonstrated her musical creativity like her acting, as one of the best products of the Peruvian media.

Mónica Sánchez

Mónica Sánchez

Birth name                     Mónica Mariel Sánchez
Birth date                      February 27, 1970,
Birth place                     Lima, Peru

Personal Life and Career
Monica burst out onto the Peruvian Cinematic Scene in 1999 with roles in both La Carnada and Pantaleon y las visitadoras. The first movie is about the trials and tribulations of some chick (Monica) coming to grips with her sexuality and life in general. The second is about the trials and tribulations of some chick (Not Monica) coming to grips with her.

* La Carnada (1999)
* Captain Pantoja and the Special Services (1999)
* Imposible Amor (2000)
* Pasajeros (2008)
* La Carnada (1999)

* La Perricholi (1992)
* Bolero (1993)
* Las Mujeres de mi Vida (1993)
* Los de Arriba y los de Abajo (1994)
* Los unos y Los otros (1995)
* Nino (1996)
* Todo se compra, Todo se vende (1997)
* "María Emilia, querida (1999)
* Sarita Colonia (2002)
* Eva del Edén (2004)
* Al Fondo Hay Sitio (2009)

* Sueño de una tarde dominical (2000)
* Macbeth (2000)
* Misericordia" (2008)

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Silvana Arias

Popular name           Silvana Arias
Birth date                 April 7, 1982
Birth place                Lima, Peru
Height                      5' 1" (1.55 m)

Personal Life and Career
Relocated to LA from Miami after being cast as Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald(2004)
Enjoys American films and loves to go to the movies.
Is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English and has a love for all things fashion.

She graduated from fashion design college in Peru and when she's not acting can be found poring through books on fashion history, design and costuming.
Telemundo telenovela star Silvana Arias is the newest addition to the cast of Passions. The bi-lingual Arias plays Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald, the youngest child of Martin and Pilar. Paloma is fiery, stormy and emotional, even more of a spitfire than her older sister Theresa! The character will play out scenes in both English and Spanish. Arias' hiring marks the first time that talent from a Telemundo telenovela will fill a contract role on an NBC daytime drama. Arias is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. When she is not acting Arias can be found pouring through books on fashion history, design and costuming, she also enjoys American films and loves to go to the movies. Arias relocated to Los Angeles from Miami for her role on Passions.

Johanna Botta

Popular name           Johanna Botta
Birth date                 April 16, 1983
Birth place                Lima, Peru
Height                       5' 7" (1.70 m)

Personal Life and Career
She moved to California when she was eleven. She is highly motivated and working towards becoming a clinical therapist specializing in marriage and family counseling. As of 2006 she is dating Wes Bergman, a young man she met while filming her debut show, The Real World: Austin. One of her best friends is Melinda Stolp, who she also met on the show.

Johanna Botta may be best known for being a cast member on the hit MTV show “The Real World,” but the Peruvian beauty is quickly gaining more exposure for modeling. She recently appeared in Maxim’s scorching hot April issue, on page 39 to be exact. Not only is Botta sexy, she is also extremely caring. Back in August she led an effort to help victims of the earthquake that rocked Peru.

2009   Joe Dick -  Maria
2009 The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins (TV series)
2007 Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 3 (TV series)
2006-2008 Real World/Road Rules Challenge (TV series)
2007 Sexiest Women of Reality TV 2007 (TV movie)
2005 The Real World (TV series)