Saturday, 26 February 2011

Claudia Portocarrero

Popular name         Claudia Portocarrero
Birth date                August 1, 1987
Birth place               Peru
Occupation             Model

Personal Life and Career
She is the third of four children. She was raised in Iquitos where she became interested in dancing and singing. She was discovered by Nilver Huarac, and has performed with Alma Bella, Lisette, and her current partner Dilbert Aguilar.

Her fame began to grow on the show "Ritmo de los Sábados" (Saturday Rhythm). Later she appeared on "Sábado Bravazo", "Tijereteando", "La combi", and "La Escuelita" (The Little School) where she played alongside well-known actors like Adolfo Chuiman, Pablo Villanueva "Melcochita", and Ramón García.

She has appeared on "Magaly TV(ATV)", ] a popular televised tabloid program, has posed for Trome as one of the "Malcriadas", and appeared alongside Angie Jibaja and Micaela Page in a calendar entitled Goddesses 2007.

She was drafted to be a co-host with Beto Ortiz  for the Panamericana (Channel 5) show "What a Country! (¡Qué Pais!), which debuted on 4 June 2007. The short-lived show was shown every Monday night from 8-10, which put it in direct opposition to the ATV show "Magaly TV(ATV)".

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