Thursday, 19 January 2012

Costa Rica

Republic of Costa Rica

Motto                      "Pura Vida" (Full of life)
Capital                     San José
Official language(s)   Spanish
Recognised regional languages Mekatelyu, Bribri 

Independence Declared
 - from Spain September 15, 1821
 - from Mexico (the First Mexican Empire) July 1, 1823
 - from United Provinces of Central America March 21, 1847

Bordered by
Nicaragua to the north,
Panama to the southeast,
The Pacific Ocean to the west and
the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Costa Rica, which means "Rich Coast".

San José, Costa Rica.

Provinces of Costa Rica
Provinces of Costa Rica and Cantons of Costa Rica Costa Rica is composed of seven provinces, which in turn are divided into 81 cantons (Spanish: cantón, plural cantones), each of which is directed by a mayor.
The provinces are:
1. Alajuela
2. Cartago
3. Guanacaste
4. Heredia
5. Limón
6. Puntarenas
7. San José

In Costa Rica the visitor can enjoy lovely tropical beaches, the grandest adventures, the wonders of nature, scintillating culture, all the necessary components of an ideal vacation. No wonder, then, that thousands of tourists have made Costa Rica their top travel choice.

Costa Rica's beaches are surrounded by forests, and have great natural diversity. In many of them there are beautiful coral reefs, where you may dive and explore. In addition, depending on the place visited, you have a series of complementary activities, such as: hikes to mangroves, diving, surfing, sport fishing, hiking on trails or horseback rides. Thanks to the easy access to many beaches, you can make the most out of both coasts. Most of them have warm water throughout the year, so you may come and enjoy the country any season you prefer. If it's diversity you're interested in, each coast offers different shades and textures of sand, white, yellow, gray and black, product of the constant crashing of seashells on coral reefs.

                                           Museo de los Niños, San José, Costa Rica.

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