Saturday, 3 March 2012

Romina Belluscio

Argentine TV Presenter

Name                    Romina Belluscio
Birth date               February 19, 1979
Birth place             San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
Nationality             Argentine
Occupation            Television presenter

Romina Belluscio  is a Argentine TV presenter for Antena 3.
In 1999, she was proclaimed Miss Argentina, and the she goes to Miss International, in Japan. Nowadays she is living in Madrid, Spain,

Is a TV colaborator in the TV show Espejo Publico, in the Spanish channel Antena 3. Until july, she was working in the TV show Tonterias Las Justas, in channel Cuatro. After that, she was working in the TV show La Huella in Tucumán.


  1. Spanish women are naturally very pretty and attractive. They have a charming face and a beautiful complexion. This TV anchor is also really beautiful, but I have never seen her show on TV.

  2. I have seen many of her shows and i am a huge fan of her. She speaks so well and i really wonder how she looks so young. I love her outfit.