Friday, 18 January 2013

Adriana Louvier

Popular name             Adriana Louvier
Birth name                  Adriana Vargas Louvier
Birth date                   September 18, 1980
Birth place                  Mexico city, Mexico
Occupation                 Actress

Life and Career
 Adriana Louvier is one of the most famous young actresses in Mexico, She studied acting at the training center's acting TV Azteca which allowed the approach to television through hits like: Fall in love , the heiress , Amor en Custodia and Empress. In theater participated in staging as Crimes of the Heart and Strawberries in Winter Raúl Quintanilla . Some of her filmography are Goodbye Cruel World , Interior Space of Charles Parlange where she shares credit with Ana Serradilla , Marina de Tavira and Kuno Becker and later films the movie Amar is not Will. In 2011 she played in the soap opera Esther Mendoza Empress , with Gabriela Spanic , Bernie Paz and Omar Fierro, etc. . In 2012 she moved to Televisa to be the antagonist of tears Corona production of José Alberto Castro starring Victoria Ruffo and Africa Zavala starring Mane de la Parra , José María Torre , Maribel Guardia , Ernesto Laguardia, etc.

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